Zero Footprint Coffee Team

The core Zero Footprint Coffee team is currently comprised of dedicated coffee people from Canada, Boston and Honduras and we will be adding a few more people. The supply infrastructure is scalable at both ends of the supply chain and includes the support of regional roasters for fulfillment.

Our main goals: 1. Deliver Zero Footprint Coffee to coffee consumers, 2. Invest in coffee regions that have received little support and access to advancing the transition to renewable energies, and 3. Grow a coalition of companies, organizations, institutions and individuals in support of reducing the global coffee carbon footprint.

Chief of Communications,
Merchants of Green Coffee
Meagan Thibeault
Program Director
Mesoamerican Development Institute
Richard Trubey
4th Generation Coffee Farmer
& Cooperative Manager
Cindy Dubon
Merchants of Green Coffee
Derek Zavislake
Chief Engineer,
Mesoamerican Development Institute
Raul Raudales
Cafe Solar® Q- Grader &
Coffee Product Developer
Karen Jull

Chief Technology Officer
Green Merchant Technologies
James McCarthy
3rd Generation Coffee Farmer
& Cooperative Manager
Maira Manzanares
Visual Arts Director
Merchants of Green Coffee
Scott Lalonde

Core Partner Organizations

Merchants of Green Coffee
Mesoamerican Development Institute

Core Research Partners

US Forest Service
University of Massachusetts
National Science Foundation (NSF)


National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH)
The Institute for Forest Conservation (ICF) (Honduran Central Government)
The National Electric Generation Company (ENEE)
The President’s Office on Climate Change
The Ministry of Natural Resource & the Environment (MiAmbiente)
The National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES)
The 11 Mayors and Governor of the Department of Yoro, supporting the Co-Management of Pico Pijol National Park and the Yoro Biological Corridor
The US Forest Service (Department of Agriculture) The US Fish & Wildlife Service (Department of Interior)
Tulane University Cornell University
The American Bird Conservancy
International Partners in Flight
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Secretariat