Dark Roast Zero Footprint Coffee

$20.00 available on subscription from $19.00 / month for 12 months

If dark roasts are your favourite then nothing else will do.  Low acidity and heavy body … think, heavy rich, chocolate, earth, and slightly char-roasted nuts. Taste coffee carbon in your cup!

To be “carbon-free” the final price is breakdown is:
$20.00/lb + $1.20/lb carbon offset fee

Choose your purchase plan: (Subscriptions are billed month-to-month and are controlled by the customer. They can be cancelled anytime)
The $1.20/lb Carbon Offset Fee will be added to your total at the Checkout.

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Zero Footprint Coffee is currently available in 454g (1lb) PLA lined bags and is shipped in 100% recycled box/envelopes.
Customized and wholesale orders will be added in the future. Feel free to contact us if you have any important questions.

Most coffee packaging comes with a major environmental footprint. Plastic + foil-lined bags (used extensively in specialty coffee & tea) cannot be recycled. These are made of fossil fuels and end up in landfills.

Zero Footprint Coffee has a strict ‘no plastic policy’ and we use “premium brown bags” for all orders.

Our "premium brown bags" are composed of 100% natural materials: post-consumer kraft paper, PLA (corn-based) lining, and a tin-tie. To recycle: Remove the tin-tie and recycle the bag.

A label/seal is required to ensure the coffee is fresh, traceable, and free from tampering. Our standard label/seal is composed of paper and adhesive, and can be recycled along with the bag.

Additional information

Weight .454 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 5 cm