10K Subscriber Race

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10K race article published in the National Post and on InnovatingCanada.ca

TORONTO, CANADA – Zero Footprint Coffee is on a race to address climate change and show that restorative, carbon neutral coffee is possible and affordable. In fact, the added cost to the consumer breaks down to just $0.03/cup!

The launch of this Zero Footprint Coffee website coincides with this article, published in the National Post and on InnovatingCanada.ca, announcing the start of our race to get 10,000 Canadian households signed up … as soon as possible!

The ‘launch’ is made possible by the recent announcement of the National Science Foundation funding in September 2021. The science backing secures the transparent verification of carbon credits which takes approximately two years to complete. Early adopters of the IOC™ carbon program are key to advancing the verified credit program.

This is our business case for any coffee dragons and sharks out there. There are more than 20 million Canadian coffee-drinkers. If just 10,000 of them subscribe to Zero Footprint Coffee right now their habit will kick-start a critical coffee reforestation program and black gold will pour from their cups.

Collectively, the first 10,000 subscribers, at a modest two pounds of coffee per month, will sequester 24 million pounds of CO2e emissions and restore 800 acres of forest — not to mention the “first 10K” swag and the significance that they were amoung the first coffee-drinkers to act on this important issue.

The first 10,000 subscribers won’t be the last. More subscribers makes coffee more coffee sustainable. By nature, we also require coffee supply chain stake-holders (big and small), governments, and consumers around the world cooperating on this issue. This is the ultimate goal.

Zero Footprint Coffee subscribers are clearing a path for all coffee supply chain members to get involved and benefit. Plus, they’re putting pressure on finance groups and industry coffee buyers to use their power, act faster, and be accountable for our shared future

As one of these first 10,000 subscribers, you’ll be a part of the group that leads the way for others to a more sustainable coffee supply chain. With Zero Footprint Coffee, you get great-tasting coffee delivered to your door, while actively reducing deforestation and limiting the effects of climate change. Don’t wait. Sign Up Now.