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Zero Footprint Coffee is the most important certified specialty whole bean coffee blend that measures and directly offsets its carbon or CO2e footprint; calculated from the coffee tree to your door.

Green beans from Cafe Solar® (a.k.a. the forest-restoring coffee supply) are the heart and soul of Zero Footprint Coffee and every bag sold supports Cafe Solar® in one way or another. Cafe Solar® is an unprecedented 25 year forest-restoring program that is eliminating the need for firewood in the coffee drying process (stopping deforestation), and restoring forests via Integrated Open Canopy (IOC)™ farming. More Info …

Order and subscription sales are used to grow Cafe Solar®’s reforestation program and invest in renewable energy processing factories.

*The Carbon Offset Fee shows how every purchase, no matter how small, is carbon neutral (from production to roasting, packaging and shipping) and is sequestering that carbon in sustainable coffee forests … So that buying this coffee feels good and does good. A detailed breakdown of our $1.20/lb Carbon Offset fee is coming soon!

*Carbon Offsets are based on Cafe Solar®’s voluntary carbon price of $20/MT CO2.

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Showing all 3 results